Elementary Education: Wellness and Physical Activity Endorsement

Program Description

The B.A.Ed. in Elementary Education offers an optional 12-hour endorsement in Wellness and Physical Activity for students who wish to integrate health and wellness concepts into all aspects of K-6 learning environments. The coursework prepares educators to integrate research-based practices using wellness and physical activity to activate the brain and body in an academic setting to educate the whole child.

Admissions Requirements

  • Elementary Education Majors who wish to complete the last two courses of the wellness and physical activity endorsement (EDWP 342 and EDWP 343) must meet the requirements for admission to Phase II of UM's Teacher Education Program and have appropriate scores on either ACT, SAT, or PRAXIS CORE.
  • Students completing a minor in education are eligible to complete EDWP 340.

Endorsement Coursework (12 hours)

Move to Learn Class
  • EDWP 340: Integrated Music and Movement for the Elementary Classroom
    Introduces fundamental music and movement concepts, skills and vocabulary that will enable students to broadly experience music and movement in relation to elementary-aged children’s motor and cognitive development and for integration into the elementary classroom. Students will explore and reflect upon music and movement from an academically integrated perspective. The intention of the course is to broaden students' perceptions and knowledge about music and movement for integration into the elementary classroom.

  • EDWP 341: Essential Concepts of Wellness Integration for the Elementary Classroom
    Provides an introduction to wellness content, concepts and skills within the context of an elementary classroom. Students will explore foundations of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. This knowledge leads to an understanding of wellness concepts such as healthy behavior, food and nutrition, and injury prevention. Students will also examine ways to connect wellness concepts to academic curricula.

  • EDWP 342: Methods for Integrated Wellness and Physical Activity in the Elementary Classroom
    An overview of methods for effective wellness and physical activity integration into a K-6 curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on development of wellness and physical activity integrated lessons and assessments that are integrative, interactive, hands-on, standards and inquiry-based. Students will be asked to utilize multiple approaches to teaching and learning, instructional strategies, and a variety of resources within their integrated lessons. Teacher candidates will also utilize reflective practices within this course to further their pedagogical understanding of wellness and physical activity integration for future implementation. (EDWP 340 and EDWP 341 prerequisite)

  • EDWP 343: Classroom Implementation of Wellness and Physical Activity
    A practical approach to wellness instruction wherein students will plan, implement, and reflect through observation, peer teaching, self and peer assessment, presentations, projects, and by attaining practical experiences on integrating wellness and physical activity into elementary academic content. Focus will be on synthesizing material previously learned in the endorsement and teacher education courses to create a comprehensive unit that demonstrates an overall understanding of wellness and physical activity integration for the elementary classroom. (EDWP 340, EDWP 341 and EDWP 342 prerequisite)


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