One Eleven Initiative

CAPTI: Expert Witness Consultation

Expert witness consultation for attorneys, insurance companies, and state agencies in legal cases involving children is available. Faculty and clinical staff involved in cases have extensive experiences with children, child abuse, children's rights, and child therapy. Through a team approach, greater consideration to all facets of legal cases is provided. All facts gathered on a case will be carefully analyzed and team consultation will provide a multi-disciplinary perspective. Dr. Marilyn Snow directs the consultation team.

Marilyn S. Snow, Ph.D., NCC, LPC, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

Dr. Snow has over 25 years experience as a mental health counselor, and 15 years experience working with children. She worked for the Georgia Council on Child Abuse as director of the 24-hour helpline, and interned with the special child abuse prosecutor in DeKalb County, Georgia. She has worked with adult survivors of child abuse, and for the past 10 years has directed centers providing play therapy to children who have experienced abuse. She has been qualified as an expert witness in cases of child abuse in the state of Mississippi, and has consulted on cases pertaining to child abuse and play therapy throughout the United States. She presents each year at the Association for Play Therapy Annual Conference on play therapy in the courtroom and legal perspectives on play therapy. She has provided consultation to attorneys and insurance companies throughout the United States, and she currently directs the Expert Witness Consultation Team at the Child Advocacy and Play Therapy Institute at The University of Mississippi.

Timothy D. Letzring, J.D., Ed.D.

Dr. Letzring is the Chair of the Department of Leadership and Counselor Education. His law degree is from Stetson University, and he is a member of the Texas Bar. Dr. Letzring has spent over 15 years working with non-legal professionals in helping them understand the legal issues they face in their particular areas. This focus has mainly been in the educational arenas of schools, colleges, and universities, however recently he has expanded into issues concerning the counseling profession. Dr. Letzring has made presentations at national, regional, and local meetings on legal and organizational issues. He is co-author on the e-Learning Center for the Association for Play Therapy, Play Therapy in the Courtroom, and has presented in this area at the Association for Play Therapy Conferences. He has conducted legal workshops for faculty and administration at various educational institutions around the country. He also served as co-editor for the College Student and the Courts for 14 years, and has several publications in the areas of law and education, higher education organization and governance, higher education finance. He recently published an article, HIPAA and Mental Health Professionals, in the International Journal of Play Therapy.

S. Lynn Etheridge, JD, PhD, LPC, RPT-S

Dr. Etheridge has spent the last nine years as a Licensed Professional Counselor working primarily with children. She became a Registered Play Therapist in 2008, and a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor in 2011. She has worked with the youth court system in Mississippi, and has been qualified as an expert witness in the state of Mississippi. She is involved with professional organizations, often presenting on the topics of ethics, courtroom participation for mental health professionals, and supervision, to both Play Therapy specific audiences, as well as mental health professionals in general. She participated on a Legal Perspectives on Play Therapy panel at the 2010 Association for Play Therapy's annual conference, and frequently presents on ethics and supervision at the Mississippi Association for Play Therapy's annual meeting. Her dissertation topic was a qualitative project in which Mississippi judges were interviewed specifically regarding how they involve mental health professionals in cases of child sexual abuse. She also serves as the Ethics Chair for both the Mississippi Counselors Association and the Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselors Association.