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Posted: February 12, 2018

Employer: Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center
Location: Oxford, MS


Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center (Stonewater), is in critical need of a number of volunteer tutors in different academic disciplines to work with students needing help with coursework and/or skill remediation. Stonewater is seeking confident, caring, patient and academically knowledgeable individuals to tutor in four core disciplines (English/Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science). 

Tutors are needed for the following disciplines:

English / Reading:

  • ●  English I

  • ●  English II

  • ●  English III

  • ●  English IV


  • ●  Algebra I

  • ●  Geometry

  • ●  Algebra II, III

  • ●  Advanced Math

    Social Studies:

U.S. History

  • ●  World History

  • ●  Government

  • ●  Economics


  • ●  Biology

  • ●  Physical Science

  • ●  Physics

  • ●  Anatomy & Physiology

  • ●  Chemistry

    *Currently there is critical and high need for Mathematics and Science tutors. 

How to Apply:

If interested in serving as an academic tutor in one of the above-mentioned capacities at Stonewater, please contact Daniel Farmer, Academic Advisor, as soon as possible.

(662) 259-8474 

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