School of Education (Established in 1903)

The School of Education's professional programs operate from a well-developed strategic action plan that first evolved in 1985. The plan has been revisited and updated continually. The plan aligns purposefully with the university's goals and builds upon essential knowledge and skills, research findings and sound professional practice. The knowledge base for each of the School’s academic programs serves as a foundation of the school's conceptual framework, “Educators as Reflective Professionals.”

The school's conceptual framework, the mission and vision statements attest to the commitment of faculty and staff, whose dedication and scholarly pursuits inspire curricular models and bring a spirit of innovation. All this translates into an outstanding education for students in the School, who graduate as reflective professionals with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to facilitate lifelong learning in an interactive and diverse society. In harmony with this conceptual framework, the strategic plan continues to be modified as stakeholders revisit issues annually. The School seeks to make the plan a dynamic document based on current research and societal needs. The School of Education is proud of its legacy and optimistic about the future.

The School of Education's theme, "Educators as Reflective Professionals", captures the mission and vision of the unit and offers direction for systematic and continuous review and improvement of its professional development programs.


The mission of the School of Education is to prepare and engage reflective professionals who create, use and share knowledge in partnership with individuals and communities to serve Mississippi and beyond. (Approved November 7, 2014)


We imagine the transformation of individuals and communities to advance educational equity and excellence through innovative practice by professionals who lead and inspire others. (Approved October 10, 2014)