K-12 Leadership: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Program Description

The Ph.D. in Education with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership Program prepares candidates for faculty and research positions in higher education. Ph.D. candidates receive advanced skill development in leadership, research, and organizational development. Candidates may also examine leadership from the perspective of other disciplines (e.g., political science, sociology, etc.). A minimum of 51 credit hours of coursework beyond the Masters Degree and a minimum of 18 credit hours of dissertation are required. The type of coursework and the number of hours for completion may vary depending upon previous graduate coursework.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the program must meet these requirements:

  • Hold a completed masters degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • Minimum two years full-time experience working as a certified teacher or administrator
  • Have at least 3.0 GPA on all previous graduate work applicable to the doctoral program
  • Competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination; must be less than five years old (verbal, quantitative, and writing sections)
  • Exhibit proficient writing skills on Goals Statement
  • Evidence of leadership potential
  • Three letters of references
  • Successful interview

The Ph.D. in Education with Emphasis in K-12 Leadership has rolling admission with a deadline of October 1 for Spring start consideration, March 1 for June start consideration, and June 1 for August consideration.

Career Opportunities

The Ph.D. in Education with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership Program usually prepares individuals for advanced administrative practice or advanced support roles in the public or private sector. Graduates from this program have been hired as principals of large schools and superintendents of school districts. Additional public sector roles include faculty positions at universities, research and accountability directors for school districts, human resources or finance officers in school districts, and positions in state departments of education. Private sector opportunities include educational consulting, research and policy centers, and professional development.

Online/Regional Campus Options

The program is provided on the Oxford Campus. Currently two courses (EDLD 694, Human Resources Development and EDLD 700, Organizational Theory) are offered online.

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