Elementary Education: Wellness and Physical Activity Endorsement

Program Description

The B.A.Ed. in Elementary Education or Special Education offers an optional 12-hour endorsement in Wellness and Physical Activity for students who wish to integrate health and wellness concepts into all aspects of K-6 learning environments. The coursework prepares educators to integrate research-based practices using wellness and physical activity to activate the brain and body in an academic setting to educate the whole child.

Endorsement Coursework (12 hours)

Move to Learn Class
  • EDWP 340: Integrated Music and Movement for the Elementary Classroom
  • EDWP 341: Essential Concepts of Wellness Integration for the Elementary Classroom
  • EDWP 342: Methods for Integrated Wellness and Physical Activity in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDWP 343: Classroom Implementation of Wellness and Physical Activity


  • Brain Breaks
  • Guide
  • Healthy Minute Videos

Unstructured Play

Wellness Council & Policy


Putting Your Plan to Work

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