Why have committees?

The School of Education committees are composed of faculty and staff going the extra mile to ensure the livelihood and success of crucial behind-the-scenes operations. With 11 committees, the SOE is equipped to tackle important topics and make impactful decisions including, but not limited to:

  • the evaluation of assessments and reporting of data,
  • the amendment of curriculum and policies,
  • the management of scholarship availabilities and recipients,
  • the consideration of current faculty for tenure and engagement of adjunct faculty,
  • and SOE much more.

Additionally, some of our committees involve administrators from school districts within the Oxford-Lafayette community and surrounding areas. Together, UM SOE faculty and local school administrators work to discuss and propose solutions for issues our schools are facing in order to garner the resources and support necessary to implementing positive change.

Explore our committees to learn more about what they do in detail!