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The School of Education provides an exceptional learning environment for students interested in advancing their career opportunities as a teacher, counselor, school principal, K-12 administrator, or higher education professional. Our renowned curriculum goes beyond textbooks, providing you with practical experience through classroom observations, service-learning opportunities, and student teaching placements. Get ready for an enriching journey of learning, growth, and collaboration. We can't wait to see you shape the future.

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    The School of Education offers opportunities to enhance your undergraduate degree by obtaining an undergraduate teaching endorsement. See if an endorsement can be added to your degree today!

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    The School of Education offers three online graduate-level teaching certificates. See if a certificate can be added to your degree today!

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    The School of Education offers online programs at the graduate level for your convenience! Achieve your career goals while having a flexible schedule.

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    The School of Education offers over 70 scholarships to support undergraduate and graduate level students. One might be waiting for you!

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"The School of Education has given me the most genuine, caring, and knowledgeable support system to make it through my undergraduate and graduate years. From the moment I walked up the Guyton steps as a freshman, I made lifelong friends, received guidance from faculty, and gained a community of educators of different generations. I'm so lucky to have these friends and mentors that will empower me and shape my skills to be the best teacher I can be."

ThiCat Vu

Graduate Assistant

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At the School of Education, we have 3 departments specializing in different avenues of the education field: the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Leadership & Counselor Education, and the Department of Higher Education. The SOE also has a multitude of research centers that to exceptional work to advance the field of education for the betterment of all learners.

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Meet the Department Chairs & Advisors

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

  • Department Chair and Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Richard Balkin

Richard Balkin

  • Chair and Professor of Counselor Education
Phillis George

Phillis George

  • Department Chair and Associate Professor of Higher Education
Kara Parham

Kara Parham

  • Academic Counselor
Donna Patterson

Donna Patterson

  • Academic Counselor II
Mary Bramlett

Mary Bramlett

  • Academic Counselor - NCSUP/Bridge Program Manager