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School of Education students lead a free workshop for local adults and children at the UM Museum grounds.

School of Education students lead a free workshop for local adults and children at the UM Museum grounds. The workshop fosters mind-body connection through stories, music, art, and sensory play.

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Teaching is one of the most important and rewarding professions you could pursue. Our programs will ignite your passion and empower you to become a change agent in the field of education. Explore our 8 undergraduate degree programs below!

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Teacher Education

Interested in becoming a school teacher in a K-12 setting? View our available Teacher Education programs to find what's right for you!

The B.A.Ed. in. Early Childhood Education allows students to become effective early childhood educators who use innovative strategies to lay the foundation for young students' future literacy, problem-solving abilities, social skills, and confidence.

The B.A.Ed. in Elementary Education prepares students to become effective educators in elementary school settings, focusing on teaching methods, curriculum development, and the psychological aspects of learning and growth in children.

The B.A.Ed. in English Education prepares secondary english education majors for the classroom. Secondary english education majors explore the texts, representations, and language that have shaped our world. Along the way, they sharpen their skills in critical thinking and reading, debate and dialogue, research, and expression, and they learn how to support their future students in doing the same.

The B.A.Ed. in Health and Physical Education prepares candidates to become effective K-12 health and physical educators who use innovative and collaborative practices. As local, state, and national advocates, graduates will promote healthy and active lifestyles to foster health and wellbeing for future generations.

The B.A.Ed. in Math Education prepares candidates to pursue mathematics coursework in algebra, geometry, calculus, and discrete math, while learning how to engage students, manage a classroom, and connect learning to life.

The B.A.Ed. in Science Education offers emphases in biology, chemistry, and physics. Students in this degree program gain mastery in their chosen content area while also learning how to be an effective teacher.

The B.A.Ed. in Social Studies Education engages students in the study of civics, economics, geography, and history, and equip students to make informed opinions that promote the common good.

The B.A.Ed. in Special Education equips students with evidence-based practices that maximize understanding and social and emotional growth for children with special needs.

An endorsement is an addition to your teaching license that shows you have fulfilled the criteria to teach a certain subject or grade level. You can earn endorsements by finishing an approved course of study, taking a subject area exam, or getting a national credential in a related field. Endorsements are not mandatory to teach in Mississippi, but they can improve your professional growth and career prospects.

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