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The School of Education is divided into 3 Departments: the Department of Teacher Education, the Department of Leadership & Counselor Education, and the Department of Higher Education. Each department specializes in a crucial avenue of education, and focuses on empowering and equipping aspiring educators for teaching various subjects in the K-12 classroom, junior college, or major university; conducting administrative duties; providing counseling at the school or clinical level, and more.

Additionally, the School of Education furthers its commitment to improving education through research and practice. Our research centers focus on implementing best educational practices in the classroom and staying current with new policies and community needs. Offerings from our centers include collaboration between school districts and universities across the nation, STEM-related outreach throughout the state of Mississippi, a fully-operational lab preschool dedicated to pioneering practices in early childhood education, and more.

If you're in need of any assistance, the Dean's Office is the place to go. Located on the second floor of Guyton Hall, the Dean's Office is the central hub for the most up-to-date information regarding the School of Education. Whether you're an entering freshman in need of directions to class or a graduating senior wanting to sit and chat, our doors are always open for you!

Learn all about the contributions of our departments and centers below!

Departments & Centers

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Department of Leadership & Counselor Education

If you are interested in taking the next step in your career as a counselor or administrator, the Department of Leadership & Counselor Education is poised to provide you with the necessary preparation and credentials. Faculty in the Department of Leadership & Counselor Education are dedicated to the success of each graduate student, and help them acquire not only a solid educational foundation but also the appropriate professional experience through internships, assistantships and other professional placements.

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Department of Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education has a legacy of excellent teaching, meaningful service and creative research. At The University of Mississippi School of Education, undergraduate and graduate programs prepare candidates to be an inspiration to students, effective professional educators and advocates for diverse learners. Nationally and internationally renowned faculty who are successful authors and researchers serve as mentors throughout the candidate's teacher-preparation program.

Anthony Copeland, a University of Mississippi-Booneville graduate, becomes assistant principal at Baldwyn Middle School

Department of Higher Education

The Department of Higher Education at The University of Mississippi’s School of Education is dedicated to developing professionals who embrace the principles of ethical, just and effective practice at institutions of higher learning. Our programs are designed to help you combine theory and practical learning experiences to drive positive change in postsecondary institutions and the field of higher education and student affairs. We pride ourselves on having a student-centered faculty who are also leading researchers.

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Dean's Office

The Dean's Office serves as the heart of the UM School of Education. It's your one-stop shop for all things academic, from program information and admissions guidance to faculty support and student resources. The Dean's Office team is dedicated to fostering a thriving learning environment and ensuring the success of our students, faculty, and staff. Think of it as your central point of connection within the School of Education. Have a question? If we can't answer it, we know someone who can!

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Research Centers

The School of Education supports faculty in their research and scholarly contribution to the field of education. Our faculty also collaborate with other schools and colleges at the University of Mississippi, national centers, and participate in grant programs to strengthen teaching and learning opportunities.

Meet the Department Chairs & Advisors

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

  • Department Chair and Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Richard Balkin

Richard Balkin

  • Chair and Professor of Counselor Education
Phillis George

Phillis George

  • Department Chair and Associate Professor of Higher Education
Denise Soares

Denise Soares

  • Assistant Dean, Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Special Education, and Interim Director of the National Center for School-University Partnerships
Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb

  • Assistant Dean for Certification and Undergraduate Studies and Clinical Assistant Professor of Higher Education