Created in 1903, the School of Education at The University of Mississippi is dedicated to the preparation of persons for effective leadership and service in the school, home and community. The mission of the unit is to provide exemplary instruction, relevant research and effective service through collaboration with schools, businesses, community organizations and the public at large. Specifically, the school's goal is to prepare reflective professionals who positively and effectively interact with persons diverse in race, culture, gender, age, ability, and/or developmental level. With a legacy of excellent teaching, meaningful service and creative research, the SOE makes a significant contribution to the university's mission: “to continue to provide the initial and continuing professional education of those who teach and serve as administrators and counselors in K-12 schools, as well as in institutions of higher education.”

The school's professional programs operate from a well-developed strategic action plan that first evolved in 1985 and has been continually revisited and updated, most recently in fall 2004. The plan is clearly aligned with the university's goals. Built from essential knowledge and skills, research findings and sound professional practice, each program's knowledge base serves as a foundation of the school's conceptual framework, “Educators as Reflective Professionals.” The school's conceptual framework and vision statement attest to the commitment of faculty and staff, whose dedication and scholarly pursuits create curricular models and a spirit of innovation. All this translates into an outstanding education for students in the school, who graduate as reflective professionals with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to facilitate lifelong learning in an interactive and diverse society. In harmony with this philosophic base, the strategic plan continues to be modified as stakeholders revisit issues annually. The school seeks to make the plan a dynamic document based on current research and societal needs. The School of Education is proud of its heritage and optimistic about its future.


The School of Education's theme, "Educators as Reflective Professionals", captures the vision of the unit and offers direction for systematic and continuous review and improvement of its professional development programs. While the theme has remained consistent since our last NCATE visit (2002), terminology has been revised to reflect current research, current faculty ideas and current certification requirements, as well as current SPA standards.

Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Education at The University of Mississippi is to prepare reflective professional educators, create and disseminate new knowledge, and provide service to the state and nation to meet the educational challenges of the 21st century. Undergraduate and graduate programs in the unit are conceptualized to prepare candidates who can positively impact students to be productive and caring citizens who will exhibit the five qualities outlined in the conceptual framework.