One Eleven Initiative


The School of Education is thankful for our generous donors who so graciously support our students in their educational pursuits! Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students. All interested students should first visit the Office of Financial Aid and complete the FAFSA. Additional scholarships are available through the School of Education. Experience amazing at The University of Mississippi!


Teacher Education Scholars Loan/Scholarship

This opportunity provides $15,000 annually for entering freshman or juniors with a 3.5 GPA (high school or college transfer GPA) and at least a 28 ACT. The loan amount will be forgiven in its entirety for recipients who teach in a Mississippi public school for five full years following degree completion and licensure.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enroll in a program of study leading to a Class “A” teacher license.
  • Provide proof of a score of 28 or higher on the ACT during a national test taken prior to the completion of college coursework.
  • Have a 3.5 cumulative high school GPA if an entering freshman or 3.5 cumulative college GPA if a continuing college student.
  • Complete the online application and submit all supporting documentation - The deadline has been waived for this coming year since the program was just approved.

Students should visit for more information, and complete the online application to apply through IHL.


Undergraduate Scholarships

A number of academic scholarships are provided to undergraduate students who are enrolled in a full-time program of study in the School of Education. Interested scholarship applicants are encouraged to visit the website periodically for scholarship announcements. Most scholarship deadlines are March 1 and require a minimum a 2.5 GPA (some scholarships require a higher GPA). Applicants are encouraged to visit with their academic advisor and visit the SAFE Office in the Guyton Annex for more scholarship information. To see a complete list of scholarships available in the School of Education, check the link below.

Scholarship Information


Graduate Scholarships

There are several scholarships available to graduate students in the School of Education. Most scholarship deadlines are March 1. To see a complete list of scholarships available in the School of Education, check the link below.

Scholarship Information


How To Apply

The deadline to apply for the 2014-15 academic year has passed. Application process information for 2015-16 will be posted in January. Students interested in other potential scholarships may inquire with the UM Office of Financial Aid at 1-800-891-4596 or the State of Mississippi Financial Aid Office at 1-800-327-2980.