Elementary Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.E.) with PreK - K Endorsement

Program Description

The B.A.E. in Elementary Education offers an optional 12-hour endorsement in PreK - K for students who wish to add an endorsement to a BAE in Elementary Education. The coursework prepares educators to integrate research-based practices that provide a strong foundation in child development, emergent language literacy, and early childhood education.

Admissions Requirements

  • Elementary Education Majors who wish to complete the four courses of the preK - K endorsement must meet the requirements for admission to Phase II of UM's Teacher Education Program and have appropriate scores on either ACT, SAT, or PRAXIS CORE.

Endorsement Coursework (12 hours)

  • EDEC 320 Early Childhood Methods (3 credits)
    An introduction to the foundations of early childhood education theory and practice. Topics include the history of early childhood education, influential theorists in the field and their effect on teaching and learning, early childhood curricula, and the range and quality of early childhood context.

  • EDEC 321 Early Childhood Development I (3 Credits)
    This course will focus on the areas of development and learning that have relevance for early childhood educators. It will provide an understanding of the development (cognitive, affective, psychomotor, social) that takes place in children, birth to 8 years old, and also the ways in which these developments can be affected by a variety of factors. Developmentally appropriate practices that promote development and learning will be stressed.

  • EDEC 323 Special Education for Early Childhood (3 Credits)
    The purpose of this course is to acquaint the undergraduate early childhood education candidate with concepts related to different types of learning environments. Topics in the course include defining and understanding children’s exposure to learning opportunities; developmental settings and learning climates; cultural variations; and implications for practice.

  • EDEC 324 Early Language and Literacy (3 Credits)
    The purpose of this course is to acquaint the undergraduate early childhood education candidate with concepts related to emergent language literacy. Topics in the course include brain development in the first years of life; preparing preschool-aged children for later literacy experiences; play as a process and context for literacy development; and various perspectives of emergent language and literacy, including cognitive, ecological (environmental), and sociocultural viewpoints.

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