Leadership Preparation Council

What is LPC?

The Leadership Preparation Council at the University of Mississippi brings together representatives from the School of Education, the Educational Leadership faculty, and constituent schools. Members participate in the development and planning concerning the nature, structure, standards, requirements, and practices in graduate Leadership Education programs preparing candidates to meet state administrative licensure requirements.

Mission of LPC

The mission of the Leadership Preparation Council (LPC) is to develop, refine, and improve clinical practice, curriculum, and partnerships in the educational leadership program. This work will support the vision of the program to drive and support improvement in primary and secondary education in all Mississippi schools through the preparation of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to continually improve collaborative, professional school organizations.

The LPC meets this mission through:

  • Encouraging and supporting educational leadership programs at The University of Mississippi.
  • Developing policies in all matters relating to the leadership preparation programs.
  • Monitoring state and national policies and overseeing how the unit implements state and national accreditation standards and licensing requirements.
  • To encourage networking, collaboration, and professional development among leadership education program faculty and partners.
  • Promoting collaboration among the university, P-12 education partners, and other external state and national education constituencies.

Who serves on LPC?

The LPC consists of faculty from the university, school administrators, teachers, and community constituents associated with or supportive of programs preparing school professionals. Membership from the constituent groups include school superintendents, principals, and assistant principals, who serve on three-year revolving terms of service.

University Members
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Dennis Bunch University of Mississippi
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Mark Deschaine University of Mississippi
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Jill Cabrera University of Mississippi
Associate Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Doug Davis University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Angus Mungal University of Mississippi
Assistant Professor, K-12 Leadership Dr. Kenneth Pulley University of Mississippi
University Members - SOE
Associate Professor, Secondary Math Education Dr. Joel Amidon University of Mississippi
Associate Professor, Counseling Dr. Amanda Winburn University of Mississippi
Community Members
Superintendent     Dr. Robert Picou Tupelo Public Schools
Superintendent     Dr. Todd English Booneville School District
Deputy Superintendent Dr. Wilner Bolden N. Panoloa School District
Principal Mr. Chris Bush Benton County School District
Principal Dr. Marcus Stewart Rankin School District
Principal Ms. Shanika McKinney Columbus Municipal Schools
Principal Dr. Michelle Nowell Koscuisko School District
Principal Dr. Jay Cossey S. Panola School District
Assistant Principal Ms. Katherine Gilbert Pascagula School District
Assistant Principal Mr. Lucas Ferguson Oxford School District
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